written by Marko Jakob

Generation Lost – A New Masterpiece

10 years after the formation of the band, Motel Transylvania‘s new album is finally here. The long and hard work on this masterpiece has paid off in full. The once Italian horror punks have tinkered with their sound and have now found the perfect blend.

With the experienced and successful producer Marco Barusso (Lacuna Coil) by their side, singer Toxi Ghoul and his bandmates are set to capture the hearts of Dark Rock and Industrial Metal fans. The title track of the album has been known for some time now – ‘Generation Lost’ already had its video premiere in 2022 on Sonic Seducer. The song was later available for purchase as a limited edition CD of 150 copies. Some fans, of course, had the opportunity of ‘sample listening’ some of the new songs during Motel Transylvania‘s fantastic live performances in recent months. Generation Lost’ with the wonderful a capella part at the end of the live version at the Dark Malta Festival really gave us goosebumps.

‘Generation Lost’ offers a unique blend of various music genres and is a must for all fans of Horror Punk, Gothic Rock, Dark Rock, or Industrial Metal. After an intro, the album kicks off right away with a bang – ‘To Hell.’ ‘Taste Of You’ tones down the guitars for the verses before kicking back into high gear for the chorus. ‘Plastic World’ has almost a ballad-like quality by Motel Transylvania’s standards, a beautiful song with a slower pace.

‘Behind The Storm’ then picks up the pace again – a song that will demand everything from the band and fans, especially during live shows. After a keyboard intro, ‘In My Mind’ takes off as well. Another song with a great melody in the chorus. As for the title track, which comes next, we need not say more – it’s a masterpiece. ‘Another Way to Choose’ begins with spoken lyrics, and it sounds really cool with Toxi’s voice, adding another facet of variety to the album. I’m also looking forward to the live performance of ‘Firmament,’ a wild song.

With ‘Rise and Fall’ is now even a real ballad song on the album – the first 90 seconds are accompanied only by acoustic guitar, then the ballad unleashes a lot of power – wonderful. The closing act is an electronic version of the title track ‘Generation Lost’ – with this, Motel Transylvania will undoubtedly conquer the dark dance floors, and Industrial dancers can let loose.

Motel Transylvania has achieved a magnificent album with ‘Generation Lost.’ It’s already one of our favorite albums of the year, and the band is at the top of our wish list for live concerts. Musically, from our perspective, they fit perfectly as support for bands like Combichrist or even Eisbrecher. But a co-headlining tour with bands like Jesus On Extasy immediately comes to mind as well. We wish the band much success and hope to see you at a concert soon.

Album Tracklist:

01 Caligo
02 To Hell
03 Taste Of You
04 Plastic World
05 Behind The Storm
06 In My Mind
07 Generation Lost
08 Another Way To Choose
09 Firmament
10 Rise And Fall
11 Generation Lost (Vandalized by Vrolok LaVey)

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