QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Raúl Morán (ÆOLIAN)

written by Marko Jakob | 1 May 2024 |

Pix666: Hello and thanks for your time. How are you doing these days? How are the other guys of Æolian?

Raúl: Hello, thanks to you. After almost six month since our last album was released, we are still having a rest even though we are looking for live shows and rehearsing the new show. My band mates are ok, thanks!

Pix666: Please introduce your band Æolian to the readers in a few short sentences. What kind of music do you make?

Raúl: We are a band which can be tagged as melodic death metal with a lot of black and blackened death metal influences in the most melodic way. Also, we have a touch of folk and classic heavy metal. I don’t like to tag our music but this would be the closest. And our lyrics are focused about the need to protect our fragile and damaged environment.

Pix666: At the end of 2023 you released your third album ‚Echoes of the Future‘ – how were the reactions of the fans and the press?

Raúl: We are happy to see that the album has reached more people than the previous ones. Most of the fans seem to be happy with the evolution of the band. About the press, I have read a lot of good reviews. That encourage us to continue making music and playing concerts.

Pix666: What connects ‘Echoes of the Future’ with your first two albums, and what musical differences or progress can be identified?

Raúl: Lyrically, the three albums are connected as a trilogy. Our debut album, Silent witness, talk about nature from its own point of view and it’s situated in the past time. The Negationist is in the present time and talk about how the humanity ignore and denies that something bad is happening to our planet. And Echoes of the Future show us the messages from two different futures that a woman send us through our dreams. Those futures are the dark and catastrophic one where we are going if we don’t change our way of life and the other is the brilliant one where we can reach in case we start that difficult process of change.

Musically, every album has its own sound and personality. Silent Witness is the most “melodeath” one, even in the sound mix. The evolution of the band through The Negationist and Echoes of the Future is going to a more blackened death metal sound. The last one even sounds more organic and real like in the 90’s Scandinavian metal bands, which on the other hand, are guilty of the music we are doing.

The most important thing for us is making the music we would like to listen to. That’s why our music has so many riffs, melodies and changes. That’s the way how the first bands of the genre conquered our hearts.

Pix666: In what variants can fans purchase ‘Echoes of the Future,’ and are there any special editions for collectors?

Raúl: Echoes of the Future is on all digitals platforms as a digital album download, including our bandcamp page. We also have a Digipack CD edition and a hand numbered limited edition of 300 transparent violet black splatter vinyl. Right now we added two bundles (shirt+vinyl) in our bandcamp merch store https://aeolianband.bandcamp.com/merch

Pix666: How do you create your songs and what are your lyrics about?

Raúl: We write our music mainly on guitars. We record the ideas and start composing the structure of the song. Depending on the song, we listen to it and we make the necessary changes until we are totally happy with the result. We usually write the lyrics when the whole album is finished, because in this point we decide what to talk about depending on the feeling of the music.

Pix666: You filmed a cool music video for the title track of your album. Where was the footage shot, and how long did it take?”

Raúl: I can’t reveal the exact address where we shot the videos, but I can say it was near Palma (Mallorca) in an abandoned industrial building. It took us half a day to shot it.

Pix666: When you’ve released a new album, you surely want to get out on stage with the new songs – what are your tour plans for 2024?

Raúl: We are trying our best to play concerts throughout this year. So far, we have played in Mallorca as opening act of Gaerea and at the Ressurreiçao Do Metal Festival in Portugal. We are looking forward to play more shows this year. For example, we are negotiating a concert in Madrid and we would love to play a couple of dates in Germany

Pix666: You have been on the road with your band for about 6 years now. What were the most unforgettable or craziest moments for you with the band so far?

Raúl: One unforgettable moment for me was when Dan Swanö sent me the mixes of a couple of songs and he wrote “The Miracle is a fucking hit” At that moment I felt proud of the work we’ve done.

Pix666: Do you have dreams and wishes for your future with Æolian?

Raúl: Our dream is to improve our musical career and to record more albums and play more concerts.

Pix666: What do you do when you’re not busy with music – do you have any unusual hobbies?

Raúl: I love nature and traveling but the truth is that the most part of my time is dedicated to Æolian. I have to say that Æolian isn’t a hobby it’s my passion, so I have nothing to reproach myself for.

Pix666: Do you have any other news about Æolian, that you would like to share with the fans?

Raúl: At the moment we are promoting the release of the vinyl edition of Echoes of the Future. As I said before, we are working on booking shows in Madrid and Germany and we are already thinking about where the sound of the next album will go.

Pix666: Thank you very much for the interesting answers – good luck for the future and stay healthy!

Raúl: It’s a pleasure, thank you for the amazing interview.