written by Marko Jakob
translated by Judith Reumont

After a long break the Plage Noire festival once again takes place! Finally again, there is a place in the festival calendar for Plage Noire. It was last held in 2009 and this year it was bigger and more professional than ever before. It took place in the holiday park Weißenhäuser Strand.

A surprise in the house of LORD OF THE LOST as the man behind the keyboard, Gared Dirge, had been simply “borrowed” by no less than world star DAVID HASSELHOFF for his tour. The fans were certainly curious in advance as to how the band will compensate for this “failure”. This secret was aired before the concert for all fans that were at the autograph session. Onto the stage actually came only four. In the dense fog, only the outlines of the musicians were seen at first. Cracking Rock and Metal sounds flooded the tent, which was now very well filled. Of course singer Chris sent a greeting to Gared, who will soon come back to the band. The band also did not use any technique to replace Gared, they simply played the keyboard sounds with the guitar. This sounded a bit unusual for some songs, like ‘Six Feet Underground’ or ‘Dry the Rain’, but also somewhat cool. You won’t get to hear the songs that way often. The whole audience clapped and sang along when asked by Chris.

An insanely great mood was now in “Le Chapiteau” with small groups dancing at the sides. Later, almost everyone was moving along to the music. During ‘Prison’ the entire audience sang “What is heaven for? What is life meant to be?” Wow! A real Goosebumps moment! On ‘Fists up in the Air’, Chris rose to the barrier and was now very close to the emotive crowd – the band and crowd almost existed as one. Especially memorable was Chris’ speech about the peaceful co-existence at this and other Gothic festivals. He said he was very proud of it and if all the people in the world were like us, there would be far fewer problems. A very emotional moment for which he got a lot of deserved applause.

Setlist Lord of the Lost, Plage Noire Festival 2018
01. Intro /Empyrean
02. Drag Me To Hell
03. Miss Machine
04. Interstellar Wars
05. Last Words
06. Kingdom Come
07. Black Lolita
08. Die Tomorrow
09. Prison
10. Kill It With Fire
11. Six Feet Underground
12. The Love Of God
13. Fists Up In The Air
14. We’re All Created Evil
15. La Bomba
16. Dry The Rain
17. Drumsolo
18. No Gods, No War
19. Blood For Blood
20. In Silence
21. Raining Stars
22. Outro ‘Hoff’