written by Marko Jakob
translated by Judith

For the third time, the Dark Malta Festival will be held on the island of Malta in 2022. Planned for April, this beautiful island will be the venue for the festival, which will be held at Gianpula Village – one of the most popular party locations in Malta.

For the first time the festival will take place over three days. As in 2019, 2022 will also see very well-known and successful bands on site. On 30.06.2021 the headliner for the Festival Friday was announced. Moonspell will bring a great show to the metal fans on 22.04.2022.

The food and drink at the festival is highly recommended by former visitors, with some guests even talking about the best pizza they have ever had! The freshly brewed local beer was tested extensively and stands up well against comparison to German beers! With flights to Malta and rooms/apartments available for very reasonable prices, it is time to buy your tickets and enjoy a festival in a beautiful holiday destination. Just plan a few days before or after the festival to discover this stunning island – you will not regret it!

+++ Line-Up 2022 +++

Leaether Strip, Blut, Nosferatu, Moonspell, Psycholies, Eric 13, Agonoize, Covenant, Psideralica, Nachtmahr, Agonoize, Sulpher, Ash Code, Solar Fake, The Arch, System Noire, Vlad In Tears, Irrlich, Die Kur, Eggvn, Pretty Addicted, Alien Vampires, Combichrist

Date: 22.04.-24.04.2022

Location: Gianpula Village RBT5032 Rabat, Malta

Event: Facebook

Tickets: Dark Malta 2022 Tickets