QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Julian Larre (LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE )

written by Marko Jakob | 28 January 2019 |

Pix666: How well did you know the band LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE before you became their singer? Were you perhaps even a fan of the band yourself?

Julian: I got to know about Lacrimas Profundere through my brother and my best friend around the time of  “Filthy Notes” So  I listen to the band for couple years. If I remember right I did even play few covers from this record with my first band, cause it would suit my type of voice. After that I stopped listening for some years cause at a time I was (and I’m still)  developing musically. So I got to listen to thousands of different generes evolving my vocals while I was building and witting my own stuff.

Pix666: How long did it take you to learn the lyrics ?

Julian: I learned the lyrics in about a week or two – nothing too complicated.

Pix666: Which festival would you like to perform at? Do you have any wishes or dreams?

Julian: I’d love to play Rock am Ring. Most of my fav bands have played there.  I have a lot of wishes and dreams. I’m actually a dreams hunter, pretty much addicted to achieve. I could talk the whole day about my plans and things I wanna do. It’s like a non-stop story and a whole world to conquer.

Pix666: Thank you very much for the short interview and enjoy the rest of the tour.