Motionless In White, Cane Hill & Ice Nine Kills Berlin Columbia Theater 06.02.2018

written by Marko Jakob

Another treat awaited the Berlin audience this evening. Originally, this concert was planned for the “Musik und Frieden” club, but the organisers quickly realized that this smaller space would not be enough for the fans of this well-known band from the USA. It was moved to the beautiful Columbia Theater at Berlin Tempelhof instead.

Ice Nine Kills

ICE NINE KILLS is an American metal core band from Boston. Originally founded in 2006 under the name ICE NINE, they released their fourth album titled ‘Every Trick in the Book’ in 2015. After several line-up changes, the band now consists of singer Spencer Charnas, the two guitarists Justin DeBlieck and Justin Morrow, as well as drummer Conor Sullivan. The band has already toured with MOTIONLESS IN WHITE in 2015.

Entering the half-full Columbia Theater stage at exactly 8pm, ICE NINE KILLS gave the audience great energy from the start. From the first song, singer Spencer stood on the barrier between stage and audience, captivating their attention throughout the entire concert. Spencer’s clear vocals and screams were supported by good backing vocals. This 30 minute set was a great start to this evening’s program – no time for boredom!

01. Communion Of The Cursed
02. Bloodbath And Beyond
03. The Plot Sickens
04. Connect The Cuts
05. Hell In The Hallways
06. Enjoy Your Slay
07. Me, Myself And Hide

Cane Hill

The band CANE HILL from New Orleans was founded in 2011. They released their first album in 2016 and their current, ‘Too Far Gone’ earlier this year. The band has already toured with the well-known bands BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE and ASKING ALEXANDRIA.’

The second band this evening was CANE HILL. Probably due to the start of the winter holiday in Germany, the average age of tonight’s audience was younger than usual and for this target group CANE HILL were apparently not the right band. The hall emptied during the performance, with many staying at the bar or smoking area. Around the middle of the set there were technical problems as well and the song ‘Erased’ was omitted. The band played a solid set of 10 songs but without really convincing. This evening their music was nothing special and lacked individuality.

01. Time Bomb
02. Lord Of Flies
03. It Follows
04. True Love
05. Mannequin
06. 10c
07. Too Far Gone
08. Creampie
09. Fountain

Motionless In White

MOTIONLESS IN WHITE is probably one of the best known and most successful Metalcore bands in the US. In their more than 10 years of band history, they have toured with SLIPKNOT and MARILYN MANSON. Last year the band performed at the famous German festival ‘Rock Am Ring’. MOTIONLESS IN WHITE has released 4 albums so far. The album ‘Reincarnate’ from 2014 even made it into the Top 10 in the American charts. The current album is titled ‘Graveyard Shift’.

Last but not least, and amid great cheers, this evening’s headliner entered the stage. And so began a show of extra class, musically and visually. Sharing the stage were women in Mickey Mouse-style masks, lacquered outfits and whips. Right after the second song ‘Reincarnate’, (whose video clip already has 17 million views on YouTube), there was no stopping the audience.

Singer Chris captivated them with his vocals, movements and charisma. The Columbia Theater was now 3/4 filled with the fans still having enough room to dance and jump. The set had a lot of highlights including ‘A-M-E-R-I-C-A’, which the audience sang with Chris. Fun fact; the video clip for this song was shot by Shawn “Clown” Crahan of SLIPKNOT. During the song, the stage was also invaded by masked women with spray guns shooting water into the audience. They reached an amazing distance – even hitting fans, who were 20 meters away from the stage, directly in the face. It was very funny. Next, Chris announced he would be playing a cover version from one of the best bands in the world – namely RAMMSTEIN’s ‘Du Hast’. The fans were freaking out so much that Chris even instructed the audience to applaud themselves! The next two songs were strongly reminiscent of MARILYN MANSON and the women on stage now were accessorized with beautiful umbrellas.

When the band came back for the inevitable encore, singer Chris thanked the Berlin audience and said, “Berlin, we love you and we are ‘Eternally Yours’”. It truly was an amazing concert full of energy and fun. What should the MIW fans in Germany do now without their favourite band? They must hope that MOTIONLESS IN WHITE will return to Germany at least for some festival appearances this year.

01. Rats
02. Reincarnate
03. Necessary Evil
04. Soft
05. Loud
06. Abigail
07. 570
08. America
09. Du Hast
10. Dead As Fuck
11. Not My Type
12. Immaculate
13. Contemptress
14. Devils Night

15. Eternally Yours