AESTHETIC PERFECTION live in Hamburg Bahnhof Pauli 11.01.2020

written by Marko Jakob
translated by Judith Reumont

Aesthetic Perfection

According to the organiser, tonight was sold out, but it was still not too crowded – there was even room to dance – and many fans made use of this space this evening.

The concert started with the song ‘Welcome to Perfection’ from the current album ‘Into The Black’. Right from the start the band was celebrated warmly by the Hamburg audience. Another new song ‘Gods & Gold’ followed and the elevated standing areas of the iconic club vibrated and shook, but withstood the audience’s partying!

Then came the first classics – with ‘Antibody’ the club was like a dance floor in a disco – wow – what a great atmosphere there was in Bahnhof Pauli.

I found it very positive that half of the songs were not the same as the set list for the ‘Into The Black’ tour from spring 2019 – many bands always play the same songs for years – this was a great change for Aesthetic Perfection.

But of course, ‘Never Enough’, one of the band’s greatest hits, was not left out. The video of this song from 2015 now has an impressive 1.2 million views on YouTube.

As always, Daniel Graves skilfully used gestures and facial expressions to play with the audience and his two colleagues followed along with the fun. At one point Elliot was climbing on the keyboard stand and even touched the ceiling of the club. As always, drummer Joe was in his element with acrobatic performances and delighted the Hamburg fans. Several times singer Daniel even got on his knees in front of the audience.

After an hour there was already time for the encores. The first of the three songs was the ballad ‘All Beauty Destroyed’. It really got under your skin and gave the dancing audience, and Joe, a moment to catch their breath.

Then the wonderful ‘Love Like Lies’ followed and the fans switched back to party mode.

With the last song everyone went crazy again – ‘Spit It Out’ was the culmination of a grandiose, if for some fans, short show by the band from Hollywood.

Setlist Aesthetic Perfection

01. Welcome to Perfection
02. Gods & Gold
03. Inhuman
04. Antibody
05. Rhythm and Control
06. Wickedness
07. Never Enough
08. Dark Ages
09. Filthy Design
10. The Siren
11. If I Die
12. The New Black
13. The Dark Half
14. All Beauty Destroyed
15. Love Like Lies
16. Spit It Out

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