FLOVER – DARK & SWEET (release date 14.02.2019)

written by Marko Jakob
translated by Judith Reumont

The new edition of the debut album ‘Dark & Sweet’ by the band FloVeR was released on Valentine’s Day – no coincidence as the romantic CD cover could almost also be used as wrapping paper for this special lovers’ day! The album is just the right sound for big emotions and reminds the listener of the good old days of the Finnish ‘Love Metal’ heroes HIM.

These young men make no secret that they are big fans of the band HIM, and you can tell that from their music. According to the band their other influences are The 69 Eyes and The Rasmus. After listening to their great debut album ‘Dark & ​​Sweet’ several times, I also noticed some riffs from bands like Entwine and Icon & The Black Roses. Behind the band FloVeR are singer Fabio Storm from Italy as well as Kolya from Russia, Alex from Portugal and Ivan from the Ukraine. The crazy thing about FloVeR is that the band members have never met live before. They formed a cooperation online to make music for the fans of dark rock and dark metal. And they have definitely done that with their debut album ‘Dark & ​​Sweet’. Please support this great band, buy the album and make their dream to finally meet in person come true – and to finally be able to stand live on stage, maybe even in Germany. The warm, soft voice of singer Fabio is really pleasant. You can listen to the album several times in a row without a problem, without it even getting a bit boring. Of course, I’m also really keen to see them live.

The album was actually released in March 2017, but a re-mastered version with a much improved sound came out in February 2019. The single ‘Violet Roses’ was the band’s first song, although originally sung by another singer. This song was later changed a bit so that it fits better with Fabio’s voice. The Italian singer gives FloVeR an independent and unmistakable touch. He’s also been in the music business for several years with his other band The Strigas. The first idea for FloVeR came about ten years ago; now it’s time for the next step. So, dear Gothic Girls and Boys – listen in and buy the album!

The album is available on AMAZON.

Tracklist ‚Dark & Sweet’

01. Cruel Romance
02. Serpent Poison
03. Kiss Your Lips
04. Lovekiller
05. Crystal Love
06. Violet Roses
07. She’s Alone
08. Charms Of The Reaper
09. Ways To Your Heart
10. Your Love Is Gone

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photo credits: FloVeR​