written by Marko Jakob

It’s a cold Sunday evening in Berlin. Outside the Kulturbrauerei, where the Frannz Club is located, there is a Christmas market. But that did not interest the concert visitors this evening as they are invited to watch the Dutch New Wave cult band CLAN OF XYMOX on their Electronic Transformers tour. Supporting bands are SHADE OF SHAMBLES and DYNASTIE. It became a mesmerizing trip back to the 80s.

Shade Of Shambles

The music of the Berlin band SHADE OF SHAMBLES is very varied, but can probably be settled somewhere between pop, wave and electronic. The band was founded at the end of the last millennium. Their new EP, ‘Tempus Praesens’, is to be released soon.

As an opener bands usually do not have an easy task. But this evening, most of the Berlin audience already appeared in good spirits at the beginning of the event. The club was well filled, which created a good mood right from the start. SHADE OF SHAMBLES convinced them further with a cross genre mix of Wave and Electronic. Of course that appealed to a large part of the audience. The great years of experience of the band is very clear – they have played in numerous clubs, and of course at the well-known Wave Gotik Treffen. Especially striking and eye-catching were the stage outfits. Unlike most concert visitors, the entire band was dressed in white. A great start to a long concert evening.


  1. World of two
  2. no thougths
  3. If I could
  4. the change
  5. now is now
  6. a different place
  7. Bin ich allein
  8. No WARrantor


The band DYNASTIE was founded in 1996. In 1998 their debut album, ‘Light and Darkness’, was released. Their most famous titles are ‘Time to Reflect’ and ‘Death Hurts’, which are still played in clubs today. Their mystic music style, which the band itself calls a melancholy electro pop, is reminiscent of WOLFSHEIM and DEPECHE MODE. Their current album is ‘Zeit/Los’.

Next up on the program schedule was the performance of DYNASTIE. Now especially fans of electronic music would be pleased. Although with the live implementation of drums, bass and guitar, DYNASTIE should have hit the taste of many other of tonight’s gig goers. In addition, charismatic singer Kai Trautmann’s perfect stage presence contributed to the fact that many audience members approached ever closer to the stage. Often during opening bands the area in front of the stage is sparsely populated, but not tonight. A special highlight was the wonderfully presented DEPECHE MODE cover version of ‘It’s No Good’. An absolutely successful and entertaining appearance.


  1. The Flow ( Intro )
  2. Time to Reflect
  3. Love is Dead
  4. Treacherous World
  5. Love
  6. Death Hurts
  7. Its no good (Depeche Mode Cover)
  8. Falling Angels

Clan Of Xymox

The story of CLAN OF XYMOX began more than 30 years ago. The band from the Netherlands was founded in 1984 by Ronny Moorings. They were amongst the most important representatives of New Wave in the 1980s. After a prolonged quiet spell, they celebrated a terrific comeback in 1997 with the album ‘Hidden Faces’. In the same year there followed live performances at the Wave Gotik Treffen and the Zillo Festival. Now they return to German stages with the current album ‘Days Of Black’. It’s probably one of the best albums in the band’s history. CLAN OF XYMOX deliver perfect music for the dark winter days on their tour.

As headliner of the evening, shortly after 10 pm CLAN OF XYMOX entered the stage and were welcomed with much applause. The Berlin Frannz Club was now almost completely full and the New Wave party could begin. The band presented a wonderful mix of old, well-known songs and the songs from the current album ‘Days Of Black’. Due to their absolutely friendly way the ice with the audience was broken from the beginning. Singer Ronny Moorings communicated with the audience several times during the concert, which made it even more entertaining. The proximity to the audience – there were no barriers – reinforced this absolutely cool concert feeling even more. The band did not shy away from audience contact, so some fans were able to touch the musicians during the concert, even the bass and guitar.

In the audience were also fans from the USA, who were on a one-week concert tour through Germany. They had, like the other visitors too, an absolutely fun evening. Of course, the set did not lack the familiar songs, such as ‘Louise’ and ‘Emily’. The show soared along without a break in momentum – this is something you do not experience every day. Almost everyone danced along throughout the entire concert. After twelve songs the regular set was over, but CLAN OF XYMOX came back onstage for two encores, which meant nine more songs. Hardly anyone left the concert before the very end, which lasted until just before midnight. The conclusion was the cover song ‘Venus’. After the last song, the band stayed behind with the fans to take pictures and sign autographs. A great, unforgettable concert evening.


  1. Intro
  2. Your Kiss
  3. She’s Falling In Love
  4. Loneliness
  5. Leave Me Be
  6. Louise
  7. Hail Mary
  8. Emily
  9. In Love We Trust
  10. Jasmine And Rose
  11. A Day
  12. Backdoor
  1. Muscoviet Mosquito
  2. Vixen In Disguise
  3. Obsession
  1. Farewell
  2. Love’s On Diet
  3. Cry In The Wind
  4. Stranger
  5. This World
  6. Venus