QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Emelle Elizabeth (ETERNAL FREQUENCY)

written by Marko Jakob | 25.01.2022 |

Pix666: Hello Emelle. Thank you for your time for this interview. Are you healthy and are you well? How are the other guys of Eternal Frequency?

Emelle:        Hello there!! Thank you so much for asking me to be a part of this interview. It’s wonderful to meet you! I am very healthy, happy, and excited for the future as our my fellow brothers in Eternal Frequency!

Pix666: Emelle, when exactly did you realise that you wanted to become a musician – how did it all start, who or what inspired you?

Emelle: That’s a great question. I guess I always had it in my blood, the performing gene. I don’t even remeber exactly when I started singing, but I remember my Mom would tell me I basically came out of the womb singing and the rest is history haha. I started performing on stage when I was five years old in talent shows and such. I’d sing for pretty much anyone that would listen. Shortly after that I started performing in musical theater and made that a career for a good 17 or 18 years of my life doing community and regional porductions. I always wanted to be the lead singer of a rock band pretty much my entire life, I grew up around 80’s hair metal and classic rock, Queen, Lita Ford, Ozzy, Def Leppard, you name it. Early 2018 the stars alligned and the timing became right and that is when I started Eternal Frequency. I’m heavily influenced by the greats such as Michael Jackson and Stevie Nicks. They inspire me lyrically, melodically, my attitude. Everything.

Pix666: You’ve been on the road with Eternal Frequency for more than three years now. What have been the most memorable moments with the band so far?

Emelle: Every day with these guys is memorable haha what can I say. I treasure my band family. I really do. I’d say some of our most favorable moments were when we won Best New Band at the 2019 Central Pennsylvania Music Awards, traveling to Brooklyn, New York to shoot music videos, meeting so many incrdible supporters along the way. The people that come up to us at our shows are so remarkable and it truly reminds you why we do this. I am blessed to share the stage with Justin, AJ, Tyler, and Dane.

Pix666: A few weeks ago your new single ‘Step Up’ was released.  What has been the reaction so far?

Emelle: The reaction has been absolutly crazy. We worked so hard on this release and we are just so honored it’s getting the attention it deserves. And we won’t stop pushing it and pushing it!!

Pix666: The video for ‘Step Up’ now has over 150,000 views on YouTube – a really impressive number. Do you like to look at statistics like that? For example, do you know which countries your listeners mainly come from?

Emelle: Well, thank you so much for that. Isn’t that insane? Haha. I am always the one to look at statistics and relay them back to the band. I’ve come to notice that we have a pretty huge following in Brazil, Germany, and France. It’s incredible and I sincerely hope you can tour those regions sooner than later! I want to meet everyone!

Pix666: What topics do you sing about in your songs and how do they come about?

Emelle: I write about whatever I’m feeling in the moment. I don’t write lyrics If I don’t mean them. The melodies also come naturally as well based off of my emotions. I like to sing about what matters to me most and what I am currently going through. Like for instance, our latest single Step Up is about women being pigeonholed in the music industry and never truly getting the respect that most men do. It’s about rising above the media and showing them that we can handle our own without exploiting ourselves. Our song Parasite is about the leeches who try to tear you down because of their own insecurites. We as a band have dealt with that in the past and even recently believe it or not with people in our industry that wanted to see us fail.

Pix666: Are you working on more songs at the moment? Will there be an album from Eternal Frequency in 2022?

Emelle: We are always working on new material. It’s like a shark in the ocean who has to keep swimming to stay alive. That’s how we are with our music. We have to keep writing to stay alive. Chapter 2 and 3 of our Step Up trilogy is in the works currently as well. Two more singles along with 2 more music videos to go along with them to tell the story. I think you’re going to really like what’s coming down the pipeline. Justin and I have been coming up with some really cool story lines and we are so excited for everyone to finally experience it all. As far as an album goes, that’s definitely in talks. I can’t say too much yet but that is definitely a possiblilty in the future!

Pix666: You have 2 live shows scheduled for February – how is the situation around Covid in the US at the moment? Do you think the concerts will take place?

Emelle: Covid for the most part hasn’t affected the more smaller venues like it was before. I think as long as everyone stays safe and healthy, shows in the U.S. should continue to go off without a hitch. I’m honestly not too worried about it.

Pix666: For April you have planned a concert together with The Birthday Massacre, who are already very well known in Europe. Are you planning to play in Europe soon?

Emelle: I reeeeaaaallllyy want to. Like really badly want to play Europe. I know the guys do as well. Like I said before, we have an even bigger following over seas compared to our home country. I want to play all of the European stages!

Pix666: I love your Queen cover of the song ‘The Show Must Go On’. Why did you choose this song for a cover version and how were the fans’ reactions to it?

Emelle: We chose to do ‚The Show Must Go On‘ becuase it is my all time favorite Queen song and we thought it was appropriate to release it when we did because it was the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and thousands of small, local venues were at risk at shutting down forever. Unfortunately, some did in the process, but we were using the cover to bring awareness to those venues as well as raise money for NIVA – the National Independent Venue Association, to help keep these venues doors open. I think we had a very successful reaction to it from our fans. Even to this day, it’s sometimes an encore song for us and whenever those first couple notes of the intro kick in people go absolutely ballistic. I love watching everyone in the crowd, young and old, coming together and singing along at the top of their lungs.

Pix666: Would you rather have been a musician in the ’80s and ’90s, or do you feel right at home in this millennium with social media and all that stuff?

Emelle: If I somehow could meet up with Doc Brown from Back to the Future I would absolutely have him take me to the 80’s haha. That is my true era in my heart in soul. I feel like I was born in the wrong time because of my old soul and how much I vibe with 80’s culture. I feel like music as a whole was cherished more than it is now, and what I mean by that is back then there was no such thing as streaming and having every song imaginable in the palm of your hand. If you wanted music you had to physically go out to the record store and buy that whole album.

And you listened to that album from start to finish and discovered it all on your own. That’s why album sales were so much better back then as well. There was no internet to rip songs off for free. And besides, you KNOW vinyl is so much cooler and sounds so much better anyways. I still collect and listen to vinyl on the daily.

Pix666: In the past you have shared the stage with many well-known bands. What plans does Eternal Frequency have for the future. Are there any bands you would love to tour with?

Emelle: Honestly, a huge goal for us to be able to be signed so we can have the opportunity to tour with our dream bands. I know the guys and I have always wanted to tour with Halestorm, Wage War, Falling In Reverse, Breaking Benjamin, Starset, and Papa Roach…amongst others as well. We truly feel in our hearts that we would mesh incredibly well with all of those bands and it would help expose our music to so many more markets. We just want the opportunity to show what we can do.

Pix666: As a musician, you certainly spend most of your time creating music – but what else do you do in your free time when you want to get your mind off things – are there any interesting hobbies that you pursue?

Emelle: When we aren’t creating music, I thoroughly enjoy reading, working out, cooking, and just stayin home in my cozies watching movie after movie. When we aren’t practicing, writing, or recording, Justin and I are literaly couch potatoes on the weekends binge watching Game of Thrones or whatever newest horror movie has come out.

Pix666: Do you have any other news that you would like to share with the fans?

Emelle: Like I said earlier, Chapter 2 and 3 of the Step Up trilogy are coming soon so keep your eyes and ears out! This new material is going to blow you away. That is a promise! Make sure to keep updated with us by subscribing to our YouTube channel @EternalFrequencyOfficial as well as our website eternalfrequencyband.com 😊

Pix666: Thank you very much for the interesting answers – good luck fort he future and stay healthy!!!

Emelle: Thank you so much for having me!! It’s been so much fun. Take care and hope to connect again soon!



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