Me The Tiger Berlin Bi Nuu 07.09.2017

written by Marko Jakob

Even though there were not so many people present, the audience was quickly dancing and singing to the wonderfully electro pop with its catchy choruses. The three musicians had absolute fun on the stage and transferred this to the audience. Above all, Tobias made it right when playing the guitar, kicking and jumping almost to the point of exhaustion. In one song he even gave the guitar to a fan in the audience. Some quiet songs amongst the electronic beats created a breath of air. All those who were not in the Bi Nuu have missed a great concert. ME THE TIGER have arrived at a point where their career could lead steeply upwards and a new generation of electronic music would be launched.


  1. What is beautiful
  2. Slottet
  3. Saknaden
  4. Myheroine
  5. Ariana
  6. Headlines
  7. Meadow
  8. Hollow
  9. Kerosene
  10. Everything I am
  11. I thougt sleep would do it
  12. Hiraeth
  13. Pocket sized edition ending
  14. As we really rre
  15. What promises are worth
  16. All we had