QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Christian Miconi (VLAD IN TEARS)

written by Marko Jakob

Back in April the forerunner for the upcoming album was released – the single ‘Born Again’ – a great duet with Lex from the band Megaherz. How did the collaboration with him come about?

Well, as you might know we and Alex have been friends for quite a while, and there´s always been lots of admiration and respect for each other as friends and as musicians.
One day we were having a brainstorm and we were considering the idea to make something completely new for our new single coming out (Born again), and since we are based in Germany and our biggest crowd and followers are here, we wanted to ask to Alex, who is not only a great singer but also a perfect match to us and with the song!
He said “Hell yeah, let´s do it!” – Right after listening to the song ahaha!
It´s been one of the best experiences we ever had in our music career!

Pix666: In October the time will finally come. The sixth Vlad In Tears studio Album ‘Dead Sories of Forsaken Lovers’ will be released. What distinguishes it thematically and musically from the other albums?

Initially, we had the plan to release our new Album ‘Dead Stories of Forsaken Lovers’ in October this year.
We have prepared and done everything, but we have so much to give even before the release of the record, and it seems that the time is flying so much, so that we think that moving the release is the best choice, and so we have chosen a very special date, not to mention that our NEW European Tour will start not before the end of February 2020.

The official release of ‘Dead Stories of Forsaken Lovers’ will be on February 14th of 2020 to create the best possible impact for our new record.
What better way to celebrate a beautiful Valentine’s Day than to release the album also with a Free Release Party on the same day, February 14th?
We have two new videos coming soon and something really special and exclusive to our fans, on top of the list is DEAD on the 20th of September.

Starting from October 18th, a strictly limited one-of-111 edition BLACK BOX SET will be available, including:

– The new six-page digipack album with amazing artwork by our friend and artist from Israel Anton Egorov
– Exclusive cards with meet and greet included during the tour
– An exclusive poster hand-signed by us
– Your name and personal mention inside
– An extra surprise worth discovering!
I can tell you one vital thing about this new Album: We wanted to go really back to our Dark and Gothic Rock Style roots, and I’d might add for good this time!!!
All our music background is all in there…our very first “masters” who made us start as Vlad in Tears could be very proud of us if they would listen to “Dead stories of forsaken Lovers”
I am talking about bands like Fields of the Nephilim, The 69 Eyes, Him, Type o Negative

Pix666: There are already some great festival appearances upcoming on the tour schedule, like Autumn Moon Festival this autumn or the Dark Malta Festival next spring. I think the Dark Malta Festival will be a special highlight, do you agree?

Christian: Absolutely, we are moving ahead with the best team ever, and things are going quite well since we are back together!
And I should add that not only we have just been confirmed to
The Castle Party Festival in Bolków/Poland on July 2020, but even more dates yet to come!

Pix666: Will there definitely be a tour to accompany the new album? Would you like to reveal some details?

Christian: Sure it will, at the moment we are planning it all very carefully, we would love to reach as many fans as possible, as well outside the Germany.
We would love to bring a very unique show this time, even with some special acoustic songs in addition to the rock show, and some “secret” surprises I can´t spoil right now ahaha

Pix666: As a musician, what are the main differences between concerts in the afternoon sunshine at an open air festival and a dark, cozy club?

Well, as you can imagine, open air festivals are my favorite , it´s all so big and chaotic and crazy , also because we always meet other musicians and we can party with them and have great time all together with all our fans as well…
But there´s something really special about playing in the clubs: the smell of sweat, alcohol and smoke makes me smile every time, and the back stages are always our “shelter” where everything starts, and the best talks and the best ideas come up…at the end on the day, it does not really matter where we are, as long as we are all together, to play and enjoy the music and all the love from our people.

Pix666: Are there any special ‘Vlad In Tears Moments’ that you particularly like to remember?

Ahahahah too many…
I remember one night we were on tour in Czech Republic and we had this show at a club in the middle of the woods, Me and Alessio were outside having a beer, while Alessandro and Dario were inside. (Partying I guess?)
Now, the club had two big rooms, once entered , on the right side there was the big room where we were supposed to play our show, on the left side instead , there was another big room ,where punks were having a big smoky party…
When our manager called me and Alessio and told us to get in cause it was show time, we got in, but we couldn´t find the other two members of the band!
The club was entirely fulfilled with smoke and fog from the fog machines, I started calling out Alessandro and Dario, in the middle of the Chaos, but nothing…
After a little while searching around, Alessio and I have finally found these two crazy fellows sitting on a table, accompanied by 6 Punks and the owner of the club they were in the wrong room, all drinking bottles of Vodka like there is no tomorrow ahahahaha
The show was one of the craziest ever!

Pix666: You’ve been living in Berlin for several years now. Do you already feel a bit like a Berliner? What for you are the biggest differences in mentality between Germans and Italians?

Christian: I find myself quite easy to fit in here in Berlin, maybe because as most people say, Berlin is not “entirely” Germany, but still, German people have their rules, their habits, like anybody else, if you want to live in peace, you have to respect that.
No problem at all with it.

Pix666 wishes you and your band success with the new album and I hope to see you soon at one of your concerts.

Thank you for all. Stay Vlad!