QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: Julia Kumpulainen (The Human Vampire)

written by Marko Jakob | 05.12.2020 |

Pix666: Hello Julia – you are probably wondering why a German online magazine wants to do an interview with you. I recently did an interview with a Finnish gothic rock band (D.O.L.) and discovered you in the video clip. How did the collaboration with the band come about?

Julia: I’m friends with the guitarist, Hannes. It was his idea.

Pix666: What was it like for you to be in front of the camera? Can you imagine doing something like that more often, maybe even in bigger productions with more famous bands?

Julia: It’s fun, and I’d do it again any day.

Pix666: In some camera angles I’ve seen you have vampire fangs – but they are not really real, are they?

Julia: They’re permanent and as real as they can be, for me at least.

Pix666: Have these fangs been made by a real dentist, or who carries out such cosmetic procedures? How long does it take and how much does it cost?

Julia: Yes. The installation took a bit over an hour and cost “only” 500 euros.

Pix666: How did the idea come about to visually transform yourself into a „human vampire“? What is your connection to vampires?

Julia: I’ve always liked vampires and I actually wore costume fangs (the fancier type) for almost six years before the permanent fangs. I love vampires in movies and literature so when I realised I can be one, I became one.

Pix666: Do you have some characteristics or habits that are usually only attributed to vampires?

Julia: My sleeping schedule is messed up. And I don’t like the sun.

Pix666: Are you planning any other changes to your appearance or your body?

Julia: Hmm. I have a split tongue but I don’t think I’m getting more. Then there’s tattoos of course.

Pix666: How does your environment react to your visual change? You have a small child –  does she like the look of her vampire mum? What do your family and friends think and how do people react in public?

Julia: I’ve always been a fanged mom. She doesn’t really care I think. Most people I know were just weirded out when I got the fangs and when random people notice them, I usually get asked if I can bite them or if I drink blood. I don’t.

Pix666: Can you tell us something about current public life in Finland? Is Finland severely affected by the Corona Pandemic, are there many restrictions or will it be possible to celebrate Christmas as usual there?

Julia: I’m a hermit so it doesn’t really affect me. But everything is closed and restricted and that’s kinda sad.

Pix666: Thank you for the interesting answers. I wish you and your family all the best for the future. // There are many, many bands in the GSA area where you would fit well into a video clip, for example the guys from Hell Boulevard – maybe we will see you on a screen again sometime soon. //


photos © Julia Kumpulainen