QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Rasmus Löhaj (Writing The Future)

written by Marko Jakob

Pix666: Hello Rasmus. The most important question right at the beginning. Are you well and are you healthy?

Rasmus: Hey. Thank you for doing this interview with me 🙂 it means alot 🙂 Yeah so far I am all well and being as healthy as I can be:)

Pix666: How are the other guys in the band? How long has Writing The Future been around and how did the band members meet?

Rasmus: We are all feeling okay today but we have actually had a case of corona hitting our drummer. But he didn’t get that heavy type of corona (thank god).

I have been in the band for 6 years now but the band started at 2010. Rickard found an add i made that where over 2 years old but sent me an email and I was in a phase in my life where I didn’t search for any band but I have had heard of them so I thought why not give it a shoot and baam after that I became the singer/screamer in Writing The Future.

Pix666: A few weeks ago your single ‚Jaded Eyes‘ including video clip has been released. How satisfied are you with the response to the video and how complicated was it to shoot a video clip under ‚Corona-Conditions?

Rasmus: I am stoked about this song and video. And finaly we can show you all what we have been working on for the last year. It wasn’t as easy as it use to be. We took diffrent parts of the video and made them separately because of restrictions. So it took a little bit more of our time than we are use to but It did work.

Pix666: You are also working on your next full-lenght album. How is the work progressing? When will the album be released? Does the it already have a name?

Rasmus: Yeah thats true we are in the middle of recording our second album. 6 songs of 11 is completed so there is a little bit on the way left to walk. But we are in no hurry so it really doesn’t matter how long it take before ots actually released. We can’t tell you when the whole album will be out because we don’t know that our selfs yet. Yeah the album has its title haha. I am not sure if I can tell you this yet hahaha 🙂 get back to me in 2-3months and I will tell you more about this subject haha

Pix666: How did you experience this year from the point of view of a band? Did you have to adapt your plans, especially in terms of time, to the respective situation?

Rasmus: This year has hitted us all in our faces with a big slap to some people this year became a dagger in their heart. It has been hard to adapt because everything changes almost from day to day. My only wish is that people would take it all serious so we can go back to how it use to be, but I think the harm is already done and there will be a big black whole in everything around music and live performances. We where supposed to do a shorter tour in August but that got postponed to April 2021. But now its postponed again without any dates settled. So this pandemic has hurted us as a band hard :/

Pix666: Did you have any live performances in the ‚Corona year‘ 2020? Was there maybe some streaming events or even a concert? How much are you looking forward to life getting back to normal and being able to experience concerts like before?

Rasmus: Yeah we have done show that where livstreamed without audience. And then we have made another performance that got livestreamed to but it was with audience 50 people. But it felt like we where preforming for 5000 people. I think that ist not only the bands that miss preforming the audience miss going to concerts. I think everybody miss live music either you are a listener or in a band. Because that 50 people we preformed for was wow awesome they made a blueprint in our hearts.

We wish so badly that this shit soon will be over so we can hit the roads again doing what we love the most playing music. We have alot of things that we have learned from this year. Like how important it is for us as a band to let our fans know that we need them to grow bigger and how important it is to respond to messages and stuff like that. You ar not a better person if you are in a band than your fans are. So one thing I have tried to better at is being humble, talking with our fans showing them that iam an human being. Not a diva.

Pix666: I saw in your Spotify statistics that your songs have been listened to in 92 countries. That’s really impressive. I guess Sweden and the USA are in the top positions, right? Can you use such statistical information to plan a tour?

Rasmus: We saw that to holy fuck….. it’s unbelievable. Yeah we have a big fan base in USA and Russia. And we are trying to do what ever we can to preform in both USA and Russia. But we love UK and Germany those two countries are on our bucketlist for when corona is over.

Pix666: You are from Sweden – what is the general mood in the country regarding the Corona crisis right now? Will people be allowed to celebrate Christmas as usual, or are there any restrictions?

Rasmus: Unfortunately not so good. We got the restrictions that only 8 people are allowed the celebrate Christmas together. And if you are only able to spend time with those who live in your household. That makes people that lives alone to break the restrictions or get depressed so the mood in Sweden is not good at all. It’s getting worse for every day:/

Pix666: Do you have any other news about Writing The Future that you would like to share with the fans?

Rasmus: As I said in an earlier question we are about to release our second album. We have released one song ‚Jaded Eyes‘ with a story about being bullied and abused at home. The bullied girl gets saved but the boy is about to be beaten by his dad for being a bullier.

And the second song is closer than you think.:) and in that video you will get to see what is happening with the boy. 🙂 the whole story is separated in 6 parts like a short movie. I can tell you that the next single is named ‚As Above So Below‘.

Pix666: Are you or were you also active in other bands or music projects?

Rasmus: No I live for Writing The Future. But if you would like me to appear on your songs you can find me on the site featuredx 🙂 I will gladly put my vocals on your tracks.

Pix666: Thank you very much for the interesting answers – Stay healthy and good luck with the next single and the album!

Rasmus: Thank you so much for this interview. And the same to you and merry Christmas:)


photos © by Writing The Future