QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Vin Valentino & Julian Rose (Delta Enigma)

written by Marko Jakob

Pix666: Hello Vin, hello Julian. The most important question right at the beginning. Are you well and are you healthy?

Vin: I feel good and healthy, but also excited about the whole year which will be full of surprises and new songs from Delta Enigma.

Julian: I have been well and so have been my friends and family. Thank you for asking.

Pix666: On May 29th your new single ‘Waterfall’ will be released. What is the song about and will there be a video clip for the song?

Vin: I don’t usually want to explain the true meaning behind the songs that I write. I think the point is to let people find their own meaning for the songs. I do sometimes give pretty self-explanatory hints, but most of the time I use symbolism to make the listeners’ imagination come alive. This allows people to find themselves in the songs. To put it short, ‘Waterfall’ is all about emotions and whether to show or not to show them in the face of the inevitable. There’s no specific storyline. The music video will also carry this meaningful, deeply symbolic structure.

Pix666: How complicated is it to shoot a video clip in the current situation?

Vin: All of our band members work in the music industry in a way or another and now that corona has stopped the tours and shows it will actually be really easy to arrange video shooting sessions with everyone in the band. We have an exceptional habbit of doing everything on our own so it’s even easier to work on the videos when it’s all being organized by our internal team of professionals.

Julian: It hasn’t really affected. ‘Waterfall’ was shot before the corona crisis so everything went smoothly.

Pix666: Will you be playing a live stream session on the release day of ‘Waterfall’?

Vin: Not on that exact date, but we’ve been requested multiple times to arrange such a show. Because of all the requests, we have already started working on our first live stream event which will be carried out in the future. Jack from Melba Culp (USA) will be joining the show too! We even have a stage where we can make it happen. For us it is really important to stay in touch with our fans and by arranging this live stream event we can invite everyone to our ‘living room’ and have a nice evening together.

Pix666: Will there be more new songs this year, maybe even an album?

Vin: Of course! ‘Waterfall’ is the first of three singles that will be released this year. The other two being ‘Unreality’ and ‘Venom’. All three songs include visually beautiful videos. Our debut album is also scheduled to be released by the end of 2020. Hold your hats!

Pix666: When will your next concerts with an audience take place, and do you think that these dates can be kept?

Vin: I hope that it’ll be in autumn 2020 after our new singles have been released. Nothing confirmed yet, but we are absolutely prepared for it.

Julian: We have not booked any shows for now. We’ve wanted to fully focus on working on ‘Waterfall’ and the upcoming album.

Pix 666: How are the other guys from the band, how are your friends and families? How do you stay in touch with them, what kind of technics do you use?

Vin: Most of our band members live in different cities so we had already been forced to deal with separation and long distances way before the corona outbreak. To overcome this we arrange Skype meetings every week together with the band and our manager. I guess we are all pretty much band oriented and like to keep in touch daily via messenger. I rarely see my family though. Especially now when it’s all about corona and staying home.

Julian: Social media, Skype, Phone

Pix666: You are from Finland – what is the general mood in the country regarding the Corona crisis?

Vin: Unfortunately I must say that I haven’t been following the news lately – but if you know anything about Finnish mindset then you might have heard that Finns are already the masters of being anti-social. Anyway, things seem pretty good in here and people are really trying to live a normal life. We must all remain wise and hopeful and do what we must do to eventually make it out of this crisis.

Julian: People’s financial situation must be quite bad now, but they’re still pretty relaxed.

Pix666: Do you believe that this crisis will change the behaviour of humanity in the future?

Vin: This might sound funny now when everybody are told to keep their distance, but I think it will eventually bring people closer together.

Julian: I believe that some of the people have already realized that we are not invincible. I also believe that this will change the concert arrangements in some ways. For example live streams are a huge thing at the moment and I don’t think they will fully disappear even after the crisis.

Pix666: What do you think will be the long-term consequences of this crisis for the economy and especially for the music business? How much is a band like Delta Enigma itself financially affected by this crisis?

Vin: I have no idea. Financially really bad, but from a musician’s perspective I see this as an opportunity for new businesses and bands to rise and catch up with bigger entities after the crisis is over. Everybody’s in the same boat now.

Julian: I think that many bands will be financially troubled when there’s no tours. Some companies will fall unfortunately, but it will also allow new innovations to pop up.

Pix666: What things, apart from being live on stage, do you miss the most at the moment?

Vin: It’s the little things that I trully miss. Not being able to hang out with friends at a local cafe or a restaurant is affecting my mood. I miss traveling – especially the tranquility of the scandinavian mountains.

Julian: Nothing actually. I only miss playing live.

Pix666: Do you have any other news about Delta Enigma that you would like to share with the fans?

Vin: See you soon and don’t forget to give lots of love to Pix 666!

Julian: Remember to check out ‘Waterfall’ on Friday 29th of May. Good luck to all other bands in the middle of this crisis.

Pix666: Thank you very much for the interesting insights into your present life – Stay healthy!


photo © by Delta Enigma