QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Faith Federica Sciamanna (The Shiver) November 2019

written by Marko Jakob
edited by Judith Reumont

: Hello and thanks for taking the time for a ‚Quickie!‘. First I‘d like to ask about your name ‘Faith’. Is that a nickname or artist name, and if so, how did you come up with it or who gave it to you?

Faith: Hello! It’s a pleasure to be here „digitally“ with you dear Marko!
Well, I’m a big fan of The Cure, and the name Faith was inspired by their album released in 1981. I spent my teens listening to them, alongside lots of other music that converged in my background, i
I can say I was into alternative rock but also doom and black metal. Then, notice that Fede(rica), my name, in English means Faith.

Pix666: Your band The Shiver has been around for over ten years now. When a band has been together for such a long time, there must certainly have been ups and downs – what was the best and worst experience with your band?

Faith: Ahah, I feel really old now! Yes, the band has been alive since 2006 – actually, maybe even longer. The thing is, I am the founding member, with Finch (the drummer), then we had lots of different guitar and bass players involved in this project. We are still friends with some of them, as they are like brothers, and they are happy about all that we did back then. Now finally I think we have found our real formation: Morris – bass player and Jack – guitar player. We’re like a family and we really enjoy our time together onstage and outside it.
The experiences while on tour or in the studio are always too many, but one remarkable stand out was the 2016 tour. We were the opener for my fav band, Dead Letter Circus (from Australia), on their European Tour, and our van broke while in the UK. We kept playing the gigs and everyday was an even harder challenge. I still have the image of me and Morris, in the middle of the night, at the side of the Uk motorway, trying to fill the van water tank, as huge trucks speeded past us. After this tour we had another; opening for Tarja Turunen on her theatres tour, and in France we met a crazy driver that tried to kill us! I just had to write down this whole incredible story and now it’s in a book called „Tour Stories“ that you can order here: https://www.scatoleparlanti.it/forme/tour-stories/

Pix666: You’ve released four albums so far. A few years ago you shot beautiful videos to accompany the singles. Why have there been no more videos lately and are new videos planned for the future?

Faith: Yes, we’ve been always very careful about our videos, and we want only the best quality. As I said before, we (me and Finch) were in 2 up until 2017, and a huge part of our energy in the last 6 years has gone into creating our music school Backstage Academy (https://www.facebook.com/backstageacademyofficial/?ref=br_rs), so we needed to find good video partners in order to take care of our visual content – but that didn’t happen. Now that our family is made of 4 trusted and skilled people, we are planning big things for the next album (we’re writing it now!) and I promise we will surprise you!

Pix666: Recently you played 5 shows together with the famous Finnish band The Rasmus in sold out venues. How did contact with The Rasmus come about and what importance do these concerts have in your career?

Faith: Well, we played 28 shows with them  amd this tour was GREAT! The venues were the most known in Europe and I couldn’t wait to perform there!! Our manager (k2 music managment) arranged it and we are thankful about that. The first thing you get from a thing like that is EXPERIENCE. We’ve always been a live band and in the last few years we only played on very big stages – this gave us much more stage presence and awareness of how high we can drive the crowd!
Second thing: more fans and people who liked our music. I would like to thank every one of them for their support, warmth and love.
While on tour, we decided to shoot a video to remember that amazing feeling of being alive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ky2PJEnvOVE

Pix666: Also in the last few years The Shiver have been on the road with internationally known bands – e.g. Papa Roach, Misfits or Tarja. Are you ready for the next big step – your own headliner tour?

Faith: Honestly, not ready yet. I want it to be perfect. I want to make the best album ever, to make people fall in love with our sound, and then we will be ready. We’ll hit the road again in 2020! Are YOU ready???

Pix666: Recently you made a festival appearance in Germany, at the Autumn Moon Festival, where you were celebrated by the German fans. How much do the mood and the audience differ when you play at a Gothic Festival, in comparison to more mainstream crowds?

Faith: Ha! Gothic people are my people, I have belonged to that world since forever. I LOVED Autumn Moon!! I wish I could be there every year! Thanks to everyone who was there!!
Going into the mainstream is always a social experiment. The first big difference has been learning what I could and shoudn’t do onstage. I’m way too energic onstage and I love to throw myself into the crowd – to excite people, and go crazy together with emotions. Well, I had to put a limit on this with a mainstream crowd because they seemed scared ahahah!
Second thing… mainstream fans do care about you a lot. I’ve been sick on tour, and they brought me medicines! A lot of people wrote to me, wanting to know more about me and the band. But not in an annoying way! I even became friends with some of them.
Considerations: Every human being is precious and unique. And I love to meet people, exchange energies and experiences, even if they are so different from me.
You can easily fall into being a stereotype, even if you walk with the strange, alternative people – so BE YOURSELF, always!

Pix666: What are your plans for the future? A new album, a tour? I think Germany is ready for you!

Faith: I think so! I’m releasing my first solo album soon, so I’ll be touring with that project (electro/ambient/newwave) and of course I need to be back in Germany. The Shiver’s new album is gonna be a bit challenging. We are collaborating with Kim Benzie, from Dead Letter Circus, as producer, so everything needs to be perfect. After the album is ready, we’ll come north again and we can’t wait. Be ready because the new stuff sounds incredibly HOT!
Thanks to YOU, for READING THIS and for your support! Check our page for further updates and write to us!!


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