QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Mikko Heikkilä (Kaunis Kuolematon)

written by Marko Jakob

Pix666: Hello Mikko. The most important question right at the beginning. Are you healthy and are you well?

Mikko: Hi. I’m okay, my family is ok, friends and all the loved ones.

Pix666: In a few days your new album ‚Syttyköön Toinen Aurinko‘ will be released. How difficult was the way to a complete album under ‘Corona conditions’?

Mikko: Corona did not affect our recording process, not even a bit. In Finland it hasn’t been that bad compared to other countries. We had some issues during recordings, basics that we used to face every time we head to the studio and start the process.

Pix666: Your album cover looks like a piece of art. Who had the idea for it – did someone from the band design it?

Mikko: You are right, that’s the piece of art 🙂 Painted, created by Niko Anttila who’s a professional one. I have known him for years but this was the first time we asked him to cooperate with us. The cover is painted, but digital finalized. The same line you said also describes the album content. I said this also after the Vapaus album in a couple interviews. The album is not a masterpiece, that’s the piece of an art in its deeper meaning.

Pix666: What are your songs actually about? I think most of the fans outside of Finland don’t understand a word of what you sing 😊

Mikko: My honest answer is life, even how typical that sounds… but really. Normal things, stories, thoughts, experiences from ordinary life… That’s why I think they are touchy and come up with emotions because we have kept them very simple. Not too difficult, really easy to step in and take them as their own.

Pix666: Was it a conscious and unanimous decision of the band to sing in your native language? In retrospect, do you ever think about what would happened, if you – like many other bands – would sing in English?

Mikko: We wanted to be shown and needed something to rise up from the huge mass of the bands which there are a lot of these days.. It’s easy to reach professional sound nowadays and it makes a lot of bands have a quality sound to offer. First couple of songs were written in english but we wanted to try something that wasn’t so ordinary back then. Decision to write songs in native language, I think that’s our strength and makes our sound more unique.

Pix666: Since when does the Band Kaunis Kuolematon exist?

We found KK in spring 2012 which came up from my idea to have one more group together…. With whole hearts in it… I got 6-7 songs already composed and we kinda have known each other before, so it wasn’t that difficult to start it up.

Pix666: You have probably experienced many things in this long time. What was the craziest thing so far – whether during a video shoot, in the studio or on tour?

Mikko: First came to my mind one band that I was playing with. We were shooting video in the middle of the winter in Finland… outside. A cabin with no heating and outside it was -25 degrees…

Pix666: A few months ago you already released the single ‘Kylmaa Maa’ – incl. video clip. How were the reactions to the songs so far?

Mikko: Feedback has been good. Of course we already knew that song is the killer 🙂 Mostly positive. We know that you can’t please everyone but that’s how it goes and it’s understandable. But at first, we do this for ourselves and write songs that we can stand for. Kylmä maa is kinda heavy crushing right from the first notes so it easily breaks down opinions for and against. Fast crushing song but it touches you very deep. Very emotional in general what i’ve heard.

Pix666: As an experienced musician, do you still check the number of streamings? Do you know in which countries you are listened most?

Mikko: I check them out randomly. Finland is on the top of the hill. Then comes the United States and the 3rd position goes to Germany. Just for you to know 😉

Pix666: In Germany it is not possible to play concerts at the moment. How is the situation in Finland? Is there a small chance for a ‘Record Release Concert’?  Do you already have any other plans for gigs in the future?

Mikko: We will play two album release shows. Two clubs with half of the capacity. Not big concerts, but small clubs are running early evenings randomly. And yeah, times are difficult at the moment in every where, every area.

Pix666: What else did you do besides the music during the contact restrictions? Do you have any interesting hobbies? Or is music simply everything in your life?

Mikko: I’m having my day job, working in two shifts. Worked over 15 years in the same factory. I also do sports in many ways. Going to gym, running, skating etc. But I have to say the music fills everything else, all the freetime I get. You could say I breathe and live for it.

Pix666: Do you have any other news about Kaunis Kuolematon, that you would like to share with the fans?

Mikko: Album is coming out in the near future. Still time to pre-order ‚Syttyköön toinen aurinko‘. Best way to support bands is spreading the word in social media channels and buying merch. Everyone should take care of each other during this difficult season…. It will get better or at least we need to believe so. Take care all of you!!!

Pix666: Thank you very much for the interesting answers – Stay healthy!!!

Mikko: Thank you, healthy for you as well. And thanks for this interview.




photos © Hannu Tiainen Photography, Laura Bly, Petri Sara Photography