QUICKE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Nico Rohr (JOY/DISASTER)

written by Marko Jakob [originally made for #coronachronicles Gothic Empire magazine]

Pix666: Hello Nico. The most important question right at the beginning. Are you well and are you healthy?

Nico: Hi, I’m fine and all the J/D crew is doing very well too, thank you !

Pix666: You are from France – your country is one of the most affected by the Corona crisis – what is the general mood in the country?

Nico: Yes especially the north eastern of France where we are living… around me the mood is quiet positive even if the social distance created by confinement is starting to make us all lazy… but anyway we must wait a little bit again before to start to meet back our families and friends.

Pix666: Did you have to postpone or cancel many of your planned concerts?

Nico: We have cancelled four gigs and some of them are reported at the next year… we are a bit lucky because we played the last show the March 14th… just the last night before all bars closed in France ! It was a very cool and intense show !

Pix666: When will your next concert(s) with an audience take place, and do you think that these dates can be kept?

Nico: For now a promoter from Belgium propose us to play at the start of August but I don’t think it will possible to manage public events so early in the year. 2020 is uncertain to planify live shows.

Pix666: Your last album was released over a year ago. Do you use the current situation to write new songs – will a new album maybe be released earlier than originally planned or does it make no sense to release an album at all at this time?

Nico: There is no good or bad situations to write songs… I have already started to record demos tracks at the end of 2019 and I have now fourteen tracks recorded… I compose and write a lot everytime. We will work on these tracks as soon as we can go back to rehearsal and we can imagine a new album for 2021.

Pix666: How do you stay in contact with the fans? Are there any actions or live stream concerts planned?

Nico: I don’t do anything special and don’t want to make more than I usually do… I will maybe record a live video oft he fourteen demos trackst hat I told you… but I want to make something with a good sound… and since April,we are starting each month and propose our complete digital discography for less than five euros.

Pix666: How are the other guys of the band, how are your friends and families? How do you stay in touch with them, what kind of technics do you use?

Nico: All the other guys are doing well ! Weh ave welcomed Seb back tot he drumkit because Niko leaved the music scene for personnal reasons the last year but still in contact each weeks and days by messenger, sms, phone and videos live beers moments !!!

Pix666: Do you believe that this crisis will change the behaviour of humanity in the future?

Nico: I have so many hopes of changing after this crisis… the look on the economy, the ecology, humanity should change on a global level… but I’m afraid that we are a small group of idealists and a big part oft he mainstream population is actually in critical financial situation and they need to work back as soon as possible to keep their families safe… I still have hope but I think to be a bit realistic.

Pix666: What things, apart from being live on stage, do you miss the most at the moment?

Nico: My love and her daughters because they are living in Paris… hugs with family and the sound of glass when on toast with friends !!!

Pix666: Do you have any other news about JOY/DISASTER that you would like to share with the fans?

Nico: The last february it was the 15th b-day of this band, we loved to record a compilation of the best tracks… we will probably do that this summer between new tracks recording and we will try to prepare an acoustic setlist to have more oportunities to come to play in front of you in light conditions but with deep atmosphere… Thanks a lot for your questions, thanks to all of you to follow PIX666.DE and JOY/DISASTER – Take care and stay healthy !

Pix666: Thank you very much for the interesting insights into your present life – Stay healthy!


photos © by Pix 666