QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Olly Lex (The End Of Melancholy)

written by Marko Jakob

Pix666: Hello Olly. Thanks for your time for the interview. Are you well – are you healthy?

Olly: Hello! Thank u too for invite me to talk. Yes, absolutely! Last time i feel sick was in November 2019🤘🏻

Pix666: You are singer of the gothic metal band The End Of Melancholy. Tell us a little bit about your band.

Olly: That’s right, so, we based in Saint-Petersburg, released debut album last year, had awesome tours in Europe. Now we’re recording our second album and hope to hit the road again asap.

Pix666: A few days ago you released a fantastic cover including video of the Lord Of The Lost song ‘Black Halo’. Who had the idea for it? Why just a song of Lord Of The Lost, why just this song? Was there already feedback from Hamburg? 😊

Olly: Thank you so very much!

Because I adore the music of this band. Actually I’m very strict and picky about music. I’ll be honest it’s hard to surprise me. My heart belongs to the bands which I listened from my childhood, but last year I saw the music video of Lotl called “Morgana” and immediately fell in love with the melody. Actually for me is very important to hear good songwriting mixed with cool voice and sound. I found all in the band. Also i like the gothic style. Then I checked their album “Thornstar” and it absolutely blow my mind away. Usually I listened to the album and hear 1-2 good songs max. In “Thornstar” every song is brilliant. And On one of my vocal lessons I suggested to my vocal coach and very good friend and also a pianist and even a dj – Maivoor to cover any song of LOTL. She has agreed to join me with it and we were choosing between “cut me out” and “black halo”. I read   the lyrics and feel that “bh” related to me more, and I can perform the song. I feel like i understand the meaning, the message of the song. It’s sad, dark and abandoned Feeling. I can tell about those through the song. And we did it. And yes, we got a good feedback from Hamburg. It’s really precious for me. I’m very thankful and happy that they like it.

Pix666: What was the decisive point for you that you became a singer and what led you into metal music?

Olly: Nirvana put me into music. Nirvana and then Hole. When i was listening their music I decided that to make a band and touring it’s the main goal in my life. I feel alive and happiness. When I tried to sing for the very first time I felt euphoria…i will never forget that moment. It was like a signal, like a decisive point for me.

Pix666: What was the situation in your home country Russia in 2020 regarding the Corona crisis? Did it hit you as a band very hard? Could you play some live concerts?

Olly: I think it hit us like every band in the world. We rescheduled everything. We got only one show in Saint-Petersburg on 31th of October. And it was awesome. People miss shows, miss each other very much. It’s very hard times to be separated from each other. I can’t wait to all this crap will end.

Pix666: Did you, like many other bands, played streaming concerts? If so, what is it like to play without an audience? Certainly like football in an empty stadium – it feels like training, doesn’t it?

Olly: We did a live stream during our show on Halloween only, so I haven’t such experience yet. But I was on live stream of Motionless in White recently and it was so awesome! I love it! So i think it’s a pretty good idea. I would love to make the same with TEOM. But ofcourse its not as good as a live show.

Pix666: What were the responses of fans and media regarding your album ‘Paradox Intention’?

Olly: Honestly it was very good. We got huge feedback from many countries and it filled us up with energy to continue. We got a lot to say on next album.

Pix666: The song ‘Monster’s Feeling’ will be on the next album, is that right? How far has the work on the new album progressed?

Olly: Yes, it’s a single which we include in the next album. It’s 80% now)

Pix666: Are you still looking at the streaming numbers on the different channels?  Can you tell me in which countries The End Of Melancholy is listened most?

Olly: As I remember, USA on the first plays, then Europe, and a little bit our hometown Russia. But it’s changing as i see. Honestly I’m totally into the process of recording an album and it’s the main for me right now.

Pix666: You recently announced that you have a new booking agency (Massive Music). Do you think this will open ‚new doors‘?

Olly: I hope so! We’ll see:)

Pix666: What else do you do besides music?

Olly: Right now it’s only the music, but I’m working for my clothing brand “Dextroza” while I need to have a rest of studio.

Pix666: Do you have any other news about The End Of Melancholy that you would like to share with the fans?

Olly: What can be most important then the release of the new songs?! But ofcourse there will be new music videos, new countries in our list of the tour!  Follow us on socials and we’ll share soon everything with our fans.

Pix666: Thanks for the interesting answers – stay healthy!!!




photos © by Anita Gnip