QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Dario and Christian Miconi (Vlad In Tears) April 2020

written by Marko Jakob

Pix666: First of all thanks for your time. How are you, where are you at the moment and how do you deal with this special situation?

Dario: Ok,Thanks for the interview,and I am full aware of the entire situation,I am following any kind of news ,checking internet,listening at the radio and watching news from Tv.
The situation is bad,and everything is locked down,but at the same time I feel lucky comparing my situation,I can stay home,safe,to so many people ,they have no shelter for example,and they are really exposed and this makes me really unhappy and I am trying to support as much as I can.

Christian: Hi there! My pleasure, i am doing fine, (considering) i am focusing 100% on my music and creativity, it is the only thing that keeps me going and that keeps me “normal” without freaking out, i am trying not to get overwhelmed by all this sadness and despair that is running since months by now. I am trying my best to cheer people up somehow by neing and keeping myself positive, but it s not that easy sometimes…but again we have to try.

Pix666: It’s not the whole band living in Berlin. How are the other guys who are in Italy, how are your friends and families?

Dario: This is very nice of you,my family is good and safe living in the countryside,Alessio and Alex are also safe,but in Italy there is a complete lock down so stay at home 24h is not easy,but like I said before,we should not really complain,because there are so many they have to deal with the virus everyday.

Christian: They are all “fine” still alive and healty, which makes me very happy and greatful honestly, i am still worried about my parents , even though i am sure they are doing their best to be careful and safe, we talk to each other everyday, also to keep on track, and feel closer to each other. I can t wait to meet them all again…

Pix666: How do you stay in touch with them, what kind of technics do you use?

Dario: We talked everyday,we use whatsapp for the most,we have a family and a band chat.
It is the fastest and easiest way to communicate and talk to each other.

Christian: We use all the tools provided by our modern society (thank God, this is one of those few times when i can be really happy about socia media and technology) like what s up , facebook, normal phone calls ,video phone calls etc…

Pix666: When you cannot play in front of people, you have to think out of the box. You were one of the first bands who did a streaming concert. How were the reaction of the fans, how much fun did you have and how drunk were you afterwards?

Dario: Ahahaha,you should know because you played the game we played for that concert.
It ias Chris idea,and it was lots of fun.
Of course we are sad,because,everything has been moved to Fall 2020,hopefully we will be able to play,but of course,we have to think about different ways to be in contact with our fans,they are amazing,and their reaction was massive and super cool.

Christian: Well yeah, it s been so much fun! For us as a band and artists it s vital to keep it going and entertain our fans, it s the best way to feel closer to all them, and show them that as long as we are still alive, we should find the strenght to smile and be greatful, and of course enjoy art , music and ourselves…and by the way, the drinking game was simply hammer hahahaah, and at the end we reached out 10k people that day! Way to go right?

Pix666: In February you released your latest record „Dead Stories of Forsaken Lovers“. After releasing a new record, a musician cannot wait to play the songs live. How do you feel now that you might need to wait for a long time to play them live?

Dario: Really bad to be honest,we couldnt wait to be on stage and we are looking for the day when we will be there again,as you know we are super productive,in fact Chris is already working on new material,for 2021,but Chris can say better,eh Chri? : )

Christian: Well….you can imagine, it felt like dying in the first place, but then again, there s been actual real death around us that took over less important things like playing live shows…so at the end we want to focus on being safe and sound, getting ready for what comes next and be always in touch with all our fans everyday…reminding them that we are going to be out there as soon as possible!In the meantime they can all enjoy our music from home..

Pix666: Are you maybe already writing new songs?

Dario: YES,like I said Chris can explain better than me ahaha.

Christian: Oh yeah , i started working on new ideas about two weeks ago, and i can tell , this new stuff will blow your mind! My idea is to take the band to a higher level, more dark , more rock , and reach out a bigger crowd as well.

Pix666: What kind of things are you doing now, for which you usually don’t have so much time? Are there specific things like video games or going for walks?

Dario: Ahahaha,yeah I do lots of cleaning in my flat,Playstation quite a lot,reading and listening to new music also to get some inspiration,
Netflix ,I am watching Suits now,it is great.

Christian: Yeah, besides writing new music i have my quarantine survival plan all figured out , which includes, a big games collection for my Ps4 , Xbox, and Tv series on Amazon prime and Netflix, and before to go to sleep, i have a nice book collections from writers like Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft and Stephen King.

Pix666: What do you think will the long-term consequences of this crisis for the economy, the music business and also the way people deal with each other?

Dario: Ok,this is what I think:
This crisis,has put the entire World in front of a change,
Dont take me wrong but I see this change as a real chance for us to make our lives even better than before,
Like I said,It is sad to see that in 2020 people are still dying for something like that,but we can really take this lesson and learn from it,
Our cahnce is now to be better with each other,tto help and support each other not only now but as way of living,to see where our focus will need to be in the next future,but I hope the whole horrible situation ll be fixed asap,meanwhile we need to rethink our life style and be focus on who we love and what we wanna be next.

Music business is living a very hard time,closing clubs,concerts and festivals cancelled,
it will not be easy and not everyone will survive from this Wolrdwide crisis,but I see lots of fundraising activities to support ,organizers,clubs to stay open,and come back to business asap.
Bigger bands helping smaller bands cannot survive without going on tour,or bands/artists helping fans/people selling their own stuff and giving money to them.
That is simply GREAT and I am sure also music business will be different as soon as everthing will go back to be(normal)

Christian: The pandemic caused the largest global recession in history, with more than a third of the global population at the time being placed on lockdown,
Unemployment is skyrocketing, while policymakers across countries race to implement fiscal and monetary measures trying to alleviate the financial burden on citizens and shore up economies under severe strain.

I believe things will take very long to “heal” and most probabily things will never be back the way they were…of course the music business has already been stroke my crisis more than once in history, it woul be very hard to get things back to up and running, but i want to stay positive and keeo the faith, looking at the world rising again, ane get ready to do my part at my best….and maybe, i am gonna need to find another job in order to survive…

Pix666: Thanks for taking the time. Thanks for the interesting answers. We’ll see each other soon and stay healthy!

Dario: Thanks to you guys, you are always closer to us and to so my artists, RESPECT for you and for everyone who does it. Stay safe and Stay VLAD,we ll be back soon.

Chris: Thank you, wish you all the best and stay healthy, stay strong and stay VLAD!


photos © Vlad In Tears