QUICKIE OF THE WEEK: A short interview with Nathan Spades (Dark Station)

written by Marko Jakob

Pix666: Hello Nathan. Are you healthy and are you well? How are the other guys of Dark Station?

Nathan: Hello! I am doing very well yes! Hope you are as well. The other guys are good, just going about everyday life and preparing for tour!

Pix666: When exactly did you realise that you wanted to become a musician – how did it all start, who or what inspired you?

Nathan: Growing up Jahova’s Witness, I wasn’t allowed to listen to much music. The first time I saw Linkin Park on tv and my Chemical Romance, That sparked my musical Interests at the age of 9. I didn’t think about doing this for a living, but I just kept practicing and sharpening my skills and stayed with it and, here we are!

Pix666: How did you find each other as a band and what were you already doing musically before you started Dark Station?

Nathan: Most of the guys came from a band called Behind The Fallen. I was found by them in the spring of 2017 at a Father’s day show.

Pix666: You’ve been on the road with Dark Station for more than three years now. What have been the most memorable moments with the band so far?

Nathan: We actually have never toured or played a show! We do have plenty of memories though like the NAMM show every year.

Pix666: Your debut album was released in 2019. How satisfied are you with it and when will there be new songs from you?

Nathan: I think It was a great start to developing and announcing our identity as a band. We currently are releasing singles from our new EP dropping this September and have already begun writing and recording the second album.

Pix666: What topics do you sing about in your songs and how do they come about? Is there a fixed distribution of tasks within the band?

Nathan: I sing about many different things from my favorite movies all the way to deep internal conflicts of my own. I like for people to make their own mind about what the songs mean to them though. We each do a little this and a little that, but Kyle and I do most of the heavy lifting.

Pix666: How did you keep in touch with your fans during the Covid restrictions? With the help of social media, that’s not a problem nowadays, is it? Did you start any online activities?

Nathan: We did engage in live sessions for chatting and what not.

Pix666: Now it’s time for you to go on tour. You have seven concerts in the USA coming up in September. Describe the feeling when you can finally get back on stage.

Nathan: I will be at the all time adrenaline high and then the other guy takes over. I perform and.. Don’t feel like I have to try.. I just usually know what to do.

Pix666: Are you planning to perform outside the US in the near future? As a band, do you also look at Spotify statistics to see which countries your listeners live in?

Nathan: If we can build a big enough fan base overseas, then absolutely. Our Dark Nation stretches from the U.S, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Australia, The UK, France, and even New Zealand.

Pix666: As a musician, you certainly spend most of your time creating music – but what else do you do in your free time when you want to get your mind off things – are there any interesting hobbies that you pursue?

Nathan: I love to shoot guns, Cook, Play Video games, Hiking, Museums, Etc…

Pix666: Do you have any other news that you would like to share with the fans?

Nathan: We are fighting not only to revive rock, but to bridge the gaps in the industry to work with musicians in other genres as well. Stay with us, we have no plans on disappointing.

Pix666: Thank you very much for the interesting answers – have fun on tour and stay healthy!!!



photos © Dark Station